Build The Person You Have Become.

Why is it that most of us think that the solution to moving our lives forward needs to come from an external help? When truly there is no help without YOU! Help starts with an understanding of knowing what you truly desire. When last did you truly search deep within and do things just because you wanted to and not because you were following the norm of what was expected of you in your circle? 

If you must build the person you have identified on the inside, you must learn to let go of the limitations that have held you bound for so long. Napoleon Hill said, “Our only limitations are those we set up in our own minds.” Our minds represent a powerful weapon which when used properly would help project us to desired place. The circumstances around us have “bullied” our minds into a place of submitting to less than what we were designed to be. We must consciously decide to win this battle and forge forward to our place of success.

One of common issues that we all encounter is the habit of beating up ourselves when we have not achieved what we set out to do at the our stipulated time but we must also get into the habit of reminding ourselves that we are a work in progress, building towards that desired vision.

It would take a while but you must keep at it. Your goal is advancement: the showstoppers have to be evacuated from the building while the advancement crew move in. Just like a building is developed one block at a time, you too must progress through life tackling habits the same way – replacing the showstoppers with the advancement blocks.

“A man’s true delight is to do the things he was made for” – Marcus Aurelius.

You will experience joy when you progress through life knowing and building the real “YOU!”