Perfection! 14-07-14 E13 min read

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4 Responses

  1. labimide says:

    Enough details to ‘cyber-render’. Moments of laughter and happiness… You are indeed blessed… And he’s lucky to have you too (any man will be). So, in the spirit of ‘aprokoism’, how many days before the most delighful march down the ai***? I gas perfect my ‘MOZART’ for the day. I’m so happy for you.

  2. Nko says:

    Dear friend,happy to have reconnected wit u,I will b dere by the grace of God to share in ur joy as he takes u to d altar

  3. tola olufe says:

    pls o let the story of u not remaining as “TUA” unfold very soon and remember to invite

  4. Ahonsi2gbayi says:

    I should enrol in your Princes’ school of romance. Winks#

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