My Own Fairy Tale – Player6 min read

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  1. Hmmm…to say I love this piece would be an understatement…this guy no try o! Who still plays the game of trying to “catch two fishes from the same point in the river”? Dude needs to step up his game…now he lost it both ways.
    Bro, if the first one ain’t what you want, paddle back to the shore, get your compass bearings right & try your luck in another part of the river. Never try at the same point twice.
    As for the “account details”: better to try out some “stunt” at the ATM &”fake” not getting cash than to use the “send me your account details line”
    Babe u sef no try o! U don already yarn d Bros d places ur Ex dey carry u go…what where u expecting?
    All the same, this is a lovely piece.

  2. olawunmi says:

    Lovely piece!
    @ Mr. Bello, so u used to try catching 2 fishes at d same point? I think u av some tinz in common wit d guy thou! *tongue out*
    @babe of lyf, more ink in thy pen

  3. OlaOluwa says:

    @Olawunmi,see ur tongue!*smiling*
    As 4d “fishing”, some skills are acquired along the line but not necessarily used. *u know better*
    Wetin me & d guy get in common o?

  4. Lepa guy says:

    Ok this really has to be fiction. ..cos if nt, comeonnnnnnnnnnnn… den again…@boo of life, it might av just bin d family genes dat caught his eye

  5. LaraT says:

    Babe of Life

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