Love So Amazing Finale2 min read

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  1. labimide says:

    Love so amazing indeed. Let others see Jesus in you. Knowing people through and through and still accommodating them. Not intentionally making them feel different on purpose.

    But in retrospect, can we actually see Deola as bad company for Kate? To what extent should somebody be ‘bad’ before we keep our distance from them? To start with, are people really bad? And should we keep our distance from anyone at all? I will appreciate your opinion on these.

    Finally, if love is made manifest in sharing, to what extent should one share; consider the case below:

    While all churches may be preaching the gospel of christ, as christians, we still have personal reservations concerning some churches.

    Now, if I need someone from one of the churches I have personal reservations about to attend my church for a special service and I get accused of having never attended the persons’ church for anything whatsoever, what can I do?

    The scenerio is not very well framed, but I hope you understand.

    Again, thanks for this gift.

  2. OnukOnuk says:

    Nice flow of thoughts. Our lives really do have to reflect Christ by actions preferably over words, which in effect is how Kate got through to Deola or rather how God got through to Deola through Kate.

    Was Deola a bad company for Kate? The two of them had to stay together regardless, The key difference was Kate’s response to the situation. As Christians, should we run from the very people that need us? How else do we shine as light if we are inaccessible? We happen to live in the world and whether we try to avoid it or not, we need to be in touch with people ‘good’ or ‘bad’.

    I believe one of the greatest errors we have made as Christians is ‘keeping the distance’. In an attempt to “stay holy” we have avoided people who desperately need us and have created a “holier than thou” perception of us.

    Love is kind, never seeks its own…, and most importantly never fails. Kate was guided by love, If we let love guide us, we will never be wrong. We will apply wisdom in all we do.

    Churches, churches, churches, we should not be really concerned about that, most important is our faith in God. Some people will always have reservations on attending other ‘churches’ that is fine, but we must remember that we are the Church.

    Living in love is what God has called us to do, no more no less and may He help us live as He would.

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