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  1. labimide says:

    I love that Kate showed her love and not talk about her love. Talk is cheap, and the only act of love about talk lies in ‘talking in love’ and not ‘talking about love’. Another nice one!

    I look forward to reading this and I must say my top-notch speculative ability has gone on recess – after ’bouts’ of wrong guesses, that is. Now, I just ‘kulu-temper’ and enjoy the story.

    As for Deola, I can relate well to her. I have been through times too in which, not only ‘God-talk’, God does not make any sense at all. I have learnt & still learning that those periods not only prune us, but also make us bloom when our time of manifestation comes.

    Thanks for giving a gift as precious as this.

    PS: Forgive my long comment.

    • Uhunoma Ajao says:

      I believe as Christians we go through periods known as ‘the wilderness’ when we wonder who God is really and what He can do for us. I’m most grateful that at moments like that, He never leaves us wondering; He surrounds us with His Love.

      It is also important to reflect His love through our lives especially for someone who might be going through.

      May we always be sensitive to His love and be ready instruments to show His love too.

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