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Worship is Living! - E3 0

Worship is Living! – E3

Not that trials and tribulations would not come but they come only to strengthen our relationship with Him and us in the process. Sometimes it might seem like the Father is so far away but He is only teaching us to depend solely on Him; helping...

Worship is Living! - E2 0

Worship is Living! – E2

Worship involves living a life of obedience: Obedience to the laws of God and to His Spirit. When you obey God, you show that you love Him. Love is a major key you need to make a relationship work and last! True worshippers do it in...

Worship is Living! 0

Worship is Living!

Worship to a lot of people ends at going to church; taking part in a religious service or singing the slow songs after the praise –┬áthe fast songs. Others just think it is a period of prayer and devotion while to some other people it is...